Friendly Hatha Yoga classses for all abilities in Mt.Bures and Stanway.


People go to Yoga for all sorts of reasons: to tune up physically, to relax, or perhaps to find some special time for themselves. Our classes provide a friendly, tranquil environment that allows people to get what they want out of Yoga.


We start our one-and-a-half hour session with a short relaxation. The spine and breath are important to our well-being so we progress on to a series of Yoga postures which move the spine forwards, backwards, sideways, upside down, and around, at the same time concentrating on the breath. These movements work all the systems of the body including the skeleton, muscles, circulatory and endocrine systems leading to a balance between body, mind and spirit.
Mantra or chanting is used to focus our minds and breath leading towards concentration and breathing practice.

We finish with a longer relaxation before heading home – feeling 'cool'!


The class is suited for all levels of ability and experience, so whatever your level of fitness you can benefit from the course. If you are suffering from any illness you should ask your doctor if its OK to attend a Yoga class and please let me know before you start the class.


Wear loose, layered clothing such as a tracksuit, tea-shirt, shorts, socks etc.
You will need a non-slip mat, a blanket and cushion or Yoga-block. If you don't have these we can tell you where to buy them from. A light snack a couple of hours before the class is fine, but a full meal might make you feel uncomfortable.